Roasted nuts – Kinomi KX


Did I tell you I like nuts? Well I’m nut about nuts. I love all types of nuts, roasted, salted, spicy, with honey…..the list is endless. Read benefits of eating nuts here

Lucky enough my client Hiromi Stone, lovely Japanese lady roasts nuts, therefore I’m privileged to be able to try new versions of them. The other day when I came to pick up some things she ordered for me I had a chance to see the production of the nuts. 

Here is Hiromi with her big pack of nuts that she sells to hotels.





Chilling the nuts



She started Kinomi about 3 years ago. The reason for the company originally roasting nuts was to give peoplesomething to nibble on whilst waiting for sushi to be made. Yes, you heard it right, she teaches Japanese cooking too. I’ve been to one of them 2 years ago. Brilliant experience, which requires a blog post all of its own!


She started to sell nuts at Urban Kings Gym in 2012. At the moment she makes about 80kg a month. She also sells them as bar snacks to hotels in London. The nuts have these flavours:

– savoury 

– sweet 

– chilli 


You can find Kinomi online and buy the nuts at these outlets: 

– Urban Kings Gym 

Tsuru sushi in Bishopsgate


By the way she makes delicious protein brownies too. 



Question of the day: What are your favourite nuts? 


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