Does being in a relationship mean you have to put on weight?


As we approach valentine’s day I began to think about the numerous people I know who’ve ended up losing their fitness and putting on weight (love belly/handles) once they’re settled in a relationship. Hence I’ve put together this post, which is all about exercising activities you can do with your partner. All singles out there please don’t stop reading it as you can do the same activities with your friend or your gym buddy.

couple exercising

Training with your partner can be a great fun but there are also other benefits exercising with your partner, such as:

– spending more time with each other

– increasing your fitness levels

– learning something new, especially if you decide to do an activity you’ve never done before

– losing body fat​

couples losing fat

To make training effective and your bond with your partner even tighter follow these rules: 

  • Have patience: keep in mind that everybody has different fitness levels. Make sure that you’re both comfortable with the activity and the selection of the exercises.
  • Keep the competition friendly: sure it’s good to be competitive but just make sure that you keep it fun.
  • Be encouraging: Support and encourage each other to make exercising pleasant for both of you. Ensure you keep it as a regular activity.
  • Set the exact day and time to meet up for activity: Think of the workout as if it’s your date.
  • Get a reward: after an hour of sweating go to see a movie or have dinner together
  • Set goals: decide what you want to achieve with exercising.

 set goals

There is so much you can do together as a couple. On your next evening out create a list of fitness activities you’d like to do together and then make a plan when to realise them. Here are some ideas:

– Skiing

couple skiing

– Ice Skating

– Mountain Biking

– Running


– Hiking

– Tennis

– Boxing, Kick Boxing


– Stretching 

– Body building

couple exercising

– Dancing

Happy Valentine’s and have lots of fun exercising with your partner! 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Great tips! I wish my husband would work out with me, I think working out with your significant other would be beneficial on so many levels.


  2. karmenpirh says:

    Hi, glad you like it! Hopefully one day that will happen.


  3. run100run says:

    Great blog. I have enjoyed reading it a lot! I’d love for you to follow my running journey


  4. Carmela says:

    I have read many times your this article. Really very helpful & update information in this post. Me and my husband will try by the ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.


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