Going organic?

Just got home from my favourite organic store in the center of London, Whole Foods Market. I can stay there for hours, wandering through the product shelves, checking food labels, discovering new organic products, looking at all the gorgeous fresh fruit and vegetables. They even have that amazing nut machine which makes fresh organic nut butter! How cool is that?
In recent years, many people have started to opt for organic foods over non-organic produce that contains pesticides and preservatives.  More and more grocery stores are starting to add organic food sections for the more ‘health conscious’ shopper. You can find all types of organic products from dairy products to fruits, vegetables and meat.
But what exactly does the term organic foods mean? It describes foods that are produced according to certain standards without the use of chemicals such as pesticides. From my experience although organic food generally tastes better and doesn’t last as long, it also tends to be a lot more expensive than conventional foods.
With this in mind, it’s sometimes impossible to get everything organic. So which are the foods you should definitely invest in and eat organic? And which are the ones you can eat non-organic which are still healthy and not damaging?
The foods that contain the most pesticides and you should eat organic only are:
–          Apples
–          Celery
–          Bell peppers
–          Peaches
–          Strawberries
–          Imported nectarines
–          Grapes
–          Spinach
–          Lettuce
–          Cucumbers
–          Blueberries
–          Potatoes
There are also some vegetables and fruits that contain the least pesticides. Those aren’t as harmful if you eat them in non-organic versions.  They include:
–          Onions
–          Sweet corn
–          Pineapples
–          Avocado
–          Cabbage
–          Sweet Peas
–          Asparagus
–          Mangoes
–          Eggplant
–          Kiwi
–          Cantaloupe
–          Sweet potatoes
–          Grapefruit
–          Watermelon
–          Mushrooms

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